Kirksville Family Medicine can be found on the first floor of Gutensohn Clinic and serves as the home for Cardiology, Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and OMM. The clinic is name after Max Gutensohn, who taught and practiced medicine in Kirksville for 50 years. The clinic is situated across from Northeast Regional Hospital. In the Family Medicine department many procedures are done in the confines of the clinic. The faculty at Gutensohn is readily available to help with procedures and give insight into patient diagnosis and treatment. The clinic is also attached to the ATSU medical school. Usually, medical students will rotate with the residents, giving them a chance to be educators as well as learners. At the Kirksville Family Medicine Center, there is ongoing development of the Ultrasound Curriculum as well as Telemedicine, and the soon to be launched Suboxone Clinic for opioid dependency. Interaction with patients, faculty, and staff is encouraged across all levels of education and experience to help provide an optimal learning environment. Find more information about Gutensohn Clinic here.

  • Kirksville Family Medicine Clinic EMR: Greenway Intergy
  • Located on the 1st floor of the ATSU Gutensohn Clinic
  • Each 1st year resident has 3 half days of clinic per week
  • Each senior resident has 4 half days of clinic per week
  • Clinic Visit Times:
  • ~1st half of intern year: 1 hr appts for all visits
  • ~2nd half of intern year: 1 hr appointments for new patients and procedures, 30 min appts for established patients
  • 2nd & 3rd year: 40 min appointments for new patients and procedures, 20 min appts for established patients

Northeast Regional Hospital

Northeast Regional is a 93 bed facility with a Level 3 Trauma Center. Also located in the facility is the Northeast Regional Chest Pain Center. The hospital is a hub for healthcare across Northeast Missouri with services including Obstetrics, Surgery, Intensive Medical Care, Emergency Care and General Medicine Care. Residents and medical students rotate through Northeast Regional and The University of Missouri Medical Center. The hospital is also physically attached to the ATSU medical school and Gutensohn Clinic. Find more information about Northeast Regional Hospital here.

  • Northeast Regional Medical Center Hospital EMR: Medhost
  • A Community Health Systems (CHS) Hospital
  • 93 Bed Hospital
  • 11 Bay Emergency Department
  • 10 Bed Critical Care Unit
  • Level 3 Trauma Center
  • Certified Chest Pain Center